Distribution Panels


MPNES is manufacturing the electrical panels like:

  1. Star/Delta Stator and DOL Stator,
  2. PCC Panel,
  3. AMF Panel,
  4. DG Panel,
  5. Distribution panel,
  6. All type of AC and DC control Panels. read more


MPNES is providing services to the customer about all electrical LT system in the Industries and domestics appliance machines.

  1. PCC/MCC etc servicing and maintenance,
  2. Motor/alternator winding works, read more


MPNES is supplying Electrical switchgear, Electrical Instrument, Control Instrument, Medical Instrument & its Accessories and industrial product like.

  1. All Domestic & Industrial electrical goods like wires, cables, LT motors, submersible pumps and lighting accessories.
  2. Electrical Instrument like Energy meter, Volt meter and Ammeter etc,                   read more

Since 2007

MPNES Approach

MPNES is catering the services like electrical panel manufacturing, trading of electrical equipment, instrument, surgical products and home appliance products and its accessories to our client/customer.

Now MPNES is providing service/maintenance of PCC/MCC, Motor winding, DG set servicing and AC (Air Conditioner) servicing and buildings interior wirings to the our client/costumer.

We provide it to various industries such as Commercial buildings, Foods industries, Hospitals, Hotels and Colleges etc.

We are providing best service at all time to our client/costumer with clear focus of customer needs.

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